Kabel HDMI to VGA 1.5 Meter Cable Original 1.5M

Kabel HDMI to VGA 1.5 Meter Cable Original 1.5M
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Original HDMI to VGA Cable
HDMI uses the DIGITAL signal and VGA uses the ANALOG signal
These two signals are two completely different signals
This cable only functions as a signal conductor from HDMI to VGA, if at the end of your VGA device you cannot convert Digital to Analog or Analog to Digital then this cable WILL NOT WORK
So first make sure all the devices you use comply with these specifications
This cable is used to connect your HDMI equipped device, HDTV (NOT FROM COMPUTER OR LAPTOP) to your monitor.
HDMI-equipped devices include high definition DVD players, HDTV receivers, projectors, A / V receivers, Playstation systems. This cable supports high definition resolutions up to 1080p, providing the highest image quality.

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